Welcome to the Rocks Original!

about the Fringe...

Welcome to Gibraltars own Fringe Festival! We focus on bringing interesting and unseen art to Gibraltar. Our vision is to open up minds to Fringe performances and invite international and national artists to come and visit our small but so unique and lovely place!
The GIB Fringe has been proudly held at the Alameda Open Air Theatre during the Spring Festival as the season starter, each year in May in the past 3 years.
Due to lack of funding we need to postpone this years Fringe and take a break. Please let us now if you can support!

Comedy, music, dance, kids performances...

This year, we provide a weekend of laughter, music and fun!
Buy a ticket for the next installment ;O) and spread the word!

The team is really looking forward seeing you at the Alameda Open Air Theatre!

Our supporters